HLRN Training Modules
HLRN is engaged in the development of tools that are combined in a comprehensive methodology for monitoring and assessing the housing and land rights conditions at the national, local or case level. The methods are derived from HLRN member experiences globally. This methodology, or "Tool Kit," takes the user through the logical steps of monitoring ESC rights linked to housing, to define the elements of the right; identify guarantees in law, policy, institutions and budgets; assess vulnerability/victimization; quantify costs of violations; determine the duty holders; and pose a menu of solutions.

The HLRN "Tool Kit" serves as the master methodology from which more-specific tools and techniques derive. It serves as the basis for Urgent Actions, parallel reporting, housing rights training modules, budget analysis, litigation strategies and HLRN fact-finding. It also serves as the framework for network members to engage in local and international action to defend their community's human right to adequate housing and land.


Methodology for Monitoring the Human Right to Adequate Housing:
The "Tool Kit"

Housing Rights Violation Loss Matrix
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Violations Database
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Elements of the Right to Adequate Housing
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Urgent Action: HLRN Guide to Practical Solidarity for Defending the Human Right to Adequate Housing (En, Fr, Ar, SP)
Training Manual

International Human Rights Standards on Post-disaster Resettlement and Rehabilitation
Working document (2006)

Community Action Planning: Processes - Ideas - Experiences
Manual for human rights based slum upgradation (2002)
For Report contact Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA).
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